Helping Other Women

October 2, 2014

I found this post that I started back on March 1, which I didn’t post for some reason, but I decided to post now, so here goes.


Madeleine Albright, and also Taylor Swift more recently, once said, “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” Is this statement true?  If I, a woman, am capable of ending another woman’s struggles and I refuse to, does this make me a bad person? No, I don’t think so.

First of all, I think it would make me sexist to help another woman simply because she is a woman, especially if I am choosing to help a woman over a man over that basis alone. I think this is obvious; I am not going to elaborate on it.

Second, women often expect and rely on help, rather than working hard to earn the independence they claim to want. When I was a teaching assistant, the female students gave up very easily compared to the male students, who seemed more comfortable making mistakes and forging their own path. Many of female students could have figured problems out for themselves if they had tried harder.

Besides, when a woman gets through something – school, work, or otherwise – only because they received help, then she may end up in over her head because people think she is more capable than she really is. It’s basically setting her up for a lifetime of relying on others. Or, if her peers realize she relied so much on others, then nobody will respect her.

It sounds cruel, but we should stop ourselves from helping our female peers at least most of the time. Not because we want to see them suffer, but because we want to see them succeed on their own two feet.

Help your fellow women, but don’t help them all of the time.


Summer 2014 Guide to 100% Cotton Cardigans

June 16, 2014

Many of us prefer to wear only cotton for all kinds of reasons. Some need to stick to natural fibers because of sensitive skin. Many are attempting to avoid the dreaded static cling that happens with other fabrics.

Whatever your reason may be, you have probably realized that it can be hard to find 100% cotton clothing, especially for certain items. For example, I searched “cotton cardigan” on many online stores but found zero results, even though the stores actually sold 100% cotton cardigans. The alternative was to browse through every result for “cardigan” and read descriptions to find the fabric type.

This was a painstaking process, so I thought I would share my results in case anyone else is looking for 100% cotton cardigans. Of course, the prices may change and the items may sell out the day after I post this, but maybe it can help one person out.

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Why I Wear Dresses Now

January 4, 2014

Like most girls my age, I used to wear jeans and novelty T-shirts exclusively.  I would only wear a dress or skirt for special occasions, before which I would have to dash off to a store with my mom to find an appropriate outfit.  Each time, due to time constraints, I would have to settle on an outfit that was either slightly ill-fitting or just not my normal style, so each outfit would only get a few uses.

When I started working, I started phasing T-shirts out of my wardrobe.  Occasionally, I purchased a dress or skirt, but I didn’t wear them too often.  About a half a year later, I started feeling like wearing dresses about the same time that I started dating my boyfriend.  He told me he liked the dresses, and I was surprised that I was liking dresses a lot too.

Now, for the last two or three months, I’ve been wearing dresses almost exclusively.  This required purchasing a lot (too many?) dresses so that I can manage to wear dresses everyday without wearing the same few repeatedly until I hate them.  During this time, I have come to realize several reasons I like dresses more than pants, which is something that surprises even me.

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Where is the sexism in computer science coming from?

December 24, 2013

When I was an undergraduate studying computer science, I considered myself lucky if there were one or two other girls in the class, but often I was the only female student.  I did not find this to be an advantage.  Why not?  It was not because my university’s course evaluation forms asked for sex to be specified, so it was obvious which evaluation was mine, which is bad.  No, it wasn’t because my name was always the first name the professor learned, for better or for worse.  Were my professors, who were all male, sexist in their dealings with me?  No, I never felt belittled by them.  Nope…  It was the way my male peers treated me that led me to wish there were other females in the class.

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Hello World

December 16, 2013

Hi everyone! My name is Carmen and I’m studying for my master’s degree in Computer Science. I’ve been floating around the Internet blogging world on and off for a while now; a long time ago, I had a LiveJournal and, before that, a DiaryLand and probably a Xanga too. I have a tumblr right now, which I enjoy, but I don’t often post original content there. So that’s what this blog is for: a place where I can post thoughts, review products, share recipes, and whatever else. I feel somewhat silly even writing a introductory post, but it would be stranger to just launch into writing without it, right? Anyway, see you all around!

Hello world!

November 26, 2008

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